No computer but where there's a will there's a way.............Or free internet access

Dear friends,
I still have no computer but I have found a way to get the use of one. I found out that at the public library you can get use of a computer and don't even have to have a library card.
At the Williamsburg library you can use the computer for an hour at a time. When you come in you just take an access number from the counter and use it to log on. You don't have to purchase anything just use the access number and go.

You can also print anything you want for just .10 a page for black and white. I don't remember how much the color is but I know it's reasonable. You need to make sure that you assign a job name to what ever you print so you can pick it out.

I checked out Virgina Beach Library information and they have the same basic set up. They also have basic computer labs for those of us like DH who have no computer skills.

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