broke my computer again

Dear Friends,
I am so sorry that it has been so long since I posted. My computer is broken again and as we know I am not that good with it. It's not creative therefore I can't do it or figure it out.
Spring isn't cooperating with us here in Virginia Beach. I waited as long as I could to plant anything and what I did plant isn't doing very good. I am just about finished with the new beds and have my borders with the beer bottles already to go. My next door neighbor thinks that I am a drunk but who cares. I have gathered lots of coors and coors lite bottles as well as a few others to make my borders for the new bed. As soon as I can get my computer working I will post some new pictures.
Now is the time to plant and get your beds going. Invest in a soaker hose or make one by punching holes in an old one.
For now take care ................

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