Even mum needs a haircut.............

Dear Friends,
well fall is here, again. I have to tell you I hate cold weather. It's my least favorite thing in the world. I don't like wearing tons of clothes, putting on shoes, and staying inside. The world seems gray and bleak in cold weather except for the mums.

I love the different colors that they come in. Not to mention that everywhere you look they're being sold by someone. You go to the drug store, the grocery store, the hardware store and even your local department stores. The nurseries have them too so don't get too upset that no nursery has any.

I love to take mums that someone has decided to throw away and bring them back to life...HE-he haw-haw. If they only knew that they weren't dead just in need of a good hair cut and some patients. I know I look better with a good haircut, and so do mums.

No here is my best advise about caring for mums..........Give them a good haircut and often.

When your mums blooms are looking said and all the flowers seem to have died. Break out your handy dandy pair of kitchen sheers and go to town. Just cut each dead flower back to the next biggest set of leaves and sit back and see what happens. You don't want to cut the whole plant just the individual stems.

So give mum a haircut .......Please

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