Gone to long

Dear friends,
I’m sorry I haven’t been writing as much as I should. I’ve been so very busy. I went to my sister’s house to help with the new baby and take a picture of the blanket that I made for her new baby. I made her a memory blanket and it turned out really good. I gave it to her at her baby shower, which we had after Mattie was born. He was born a month early and I was so stressed about getting it to her that I didn’t get any pictures of the process. As soon as I get the chance to make another one I’ll take pictures and post the process. I wanted to take the 3D ultra sound picture and print it on the blanket but; as they say the best laid plans of mice and men. Still it turned out to be really nice.

Spring has sprung and I’ve been trying to give away as many marigold seeds as I can. I harvest them each year for the next year and was so excited to give as many away as I could before next weekend. That’s the best time to plant them. I was very surprised at the number of people that said yes they wanted them and never e-mailed back. I’m very proud of my seeds. They’re like the 20th generation of seeds so you know their perfect for this area. This weekend will be perfect to start putting out plants and working in the yard. I don’t do cold so I put it off as long as possible so I won’t get cold.

I did manage to get the house washed with lemon dish detergent so that I can start keeping the bugs away. For some reason between the lemon dishwashing detergent yard baths, marigolds, and bleach in standing water I manage to keep the bugs and mosquitoes at bay. My grandmother ford use to say that cleanliness is next to godliness. I like to think that cleanliness keeps the bugs away.

So I’m off to get the day going and try to get some work done before the rain comes back at the end of the week. So take care and happy spring……………………

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