how to un-clog a sink

Dear Friends,
Today I was gonna get up way early and do so much around the house. Then my mom called and told me that my sister had her first baby this morning. I had every intention of going to the hospital and seeing my new nephew but my sink decided that I didn’t get to do that. Both drains in my kitchen backed up and would not drain at all.
I tried everything; I poured boiling water down the drain, took my bathroom plunger and plunged and plunged. We don’t have the money to have a plumber come out and fix my sinks. So I had to do it myself. I poured boiling water down the drain several times and when that didn’t work I went to the store for drain cleaner.
When I got to the store and saw the price of those drain cleaners I was in shock. OMG I couldn’t believe how expensive they are or how toxic too. While I was standing there I remembered something my mom use to do to our sink when it wouldn’t drain. So instead of spending the money on drain cleaner I went home and got out my handy dandy all purpose bottle of vinegar and a box of baking soda.
1. I poured a whole bunch of baking soda down the drain.
2. Then I poured vinegar in on top of it.
It bubbled and bubbled like some kind of witches brew but after a couple of times it worked. I then rinsed the sink with some more boiling water and finished cleaning the kitchen.
So the next time you have a drain that’s all clogged reach for the vinegar instead of drain cleaner. It worked for my mom and my grandmother and guess what it still works to this day…….

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