Watering your house plants............

I know you’ve heard a lot of different stuff about house plants and watering, but I have a different way to tend to my house plants. I save a large laundry detergent bottle to put my plant water in. You just have to rinse it out one time. If you’re like me you’ve already done that to get the very last drop. Mark the bottle house plant water. The extra large bottles work the best. Run your water thru on last time when you make tea in your coffee maker. You’re gonna use this weak tea mixture for your house plants.

My house plant water:

1: pour the weak tea into the empty laundry bottle container
2: pour one drop of liquid lemon dish detergent. A drop is just that no more than 1/8 teaspoon.
3: place one teaspoon of Epson salt in container.
4: shake bottle well
5: finish filling the detergent bottle up with water

Now let this mixture sit for at least a week. When you need to water your plants use this mixture. Place your finger in the container to make sure the plant needs to be watered. In the house the plants usually don’t need to be watered as much. One of the leading causes for house plants to die is over watering in the winter months. Each time you water pinch off any brown leaves these are just age spots. If I could pluck mine off I would.

When the weather starts to warm then you will want to start feeding your house plants. In the winter you don’t want to stimulate them to grow it will kill them in a heart beat……….

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