Cheep skate Christmas idea #2 …….. Poinsettias from year to year

Ok so we all know how much I hate to spend more money than I have. Well I love poinsettias and I always buy the plants each year when they go on sale. You know the silk kind. The problem with that is they get smooched and funny looking while in storage. So a couple of years ago I figured out how make them come back to life.

I got the idea when I went home to my Mom’s house and she was ironing her ribbons that she uses on our packages. Yes we save our bow’s from year to year.

How to refresh silk poinsettias:

1: take your silk poinsettias out of there storage container.
(I put mine in clear trash bags and tie the top)
2: take a hand blow dryer and blow and dust off the plant. Use cool setting.
3: set your iron on the coolest setting for steaming. (That is if you don’t have a heat guard on your iron. Mine was the best investment I ever made.)
4: place each leaf of the poinsettia on the ironing board and slight press.
5: gently mold each leaf to slightly curve like they do in nature.
6: place a new bow on your container and put it around your house

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