Stop taking my money or how to save a butt load of money

OK so when did it go out of style to be tight with money? In this day and age where we have everything and yet we struggle to maintain a life that is really way too stressful. When did we get to the point that we need to have everything, buy everything, own the nicest car, the best phone the newest computer and be just so it.

This morning I was listening to the today show and the discussion was about the economy and the fact that too many Americans were is such financial despair. Then they cut to a news report about a man that killed his whole family because he was in financial ruin. He killed his family because he couldn't take it I guess. Yet they showed that he had this fancy house, this new looking car and was obviously living beyond his means.

I know I know I’m preaching to the choir but lets look at it point by point.

TV, when did we get to the point that we pay for something 3 times. Yes I said it 3 times. First we pay for it when we buy the TV. Then we watch commercials that were suppose to pay for the programming, then we pay to rent the cable equipment and then we pay the cable company. We pay and pay.

Cut out the cable. We don’t need that expense. The TV signals are free. Especially since
TV programming is going to digital. I recently did without cable and realized that most of the shows that I watch are the local stations, and they are free. So maybe I can’t watch a million stations but who cares I would rather have the money. OK so here is the truth for most households they have at least 200 channels and pay approximately $45 a month that is $540 a year that is approximately and if you watch ( pay for cable) for 60 years that is $32,400 over a life time.. Think about it.

The there is the phone. I looked at my phone bill and I couldn't believe how much money I was paying for my phone. Most households have a cell phone or two a house phone and of course a bunch of features. I called and they would not changed by bill except to add features and if they did change something they tried to charge me. We are being held hostage by the phone companies. First I do not need to talk all the time to everybody. I am not a teenager I have a life and it is not tied to the damn phone. No more call waiting $10 extra a month that is $120 a year that’s $7200 a life time. No more caller ID that is also the same $10 a month that’s another $120 a month and $720 a life time. No more cell phone. I got an emergency pre -paid cell phone that does not loose it’s minutes so additional cell phone $40 a month that is another $480 a year that is another $28,000 over a life time. I then paid $20 for pre-paid emergency phone service maybe I may use rarely.

Just those two bills alone are a good chunk of change and could be going toward something else. Like my house. So maybe I am a bit of a tight wad and maybe I don’t like the big monopolies or do I like giving someone else my money.

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