It's raining it's pouring and I'm worried...

   well today it's pouring down rain and I can't be home...My next door neighbor diverts his rain water into my yard as well as his gutters.  The last time it rained so hard my side yard flooded into my dining room. I have tried a burm, they knock it down. I tried piling rocks, they kick them down.  I have tried everything. 
    I called the city and they wouldn't  come out and do anything.  They said that they did not handle drainage issues... well when my house floods and I go after my neighbor with a vengeance who you gonna call... The police.  They think they have a right to do what ever they please any time they please and no one will do anything. 
   I thought about putting up a privacy fence, but first you need money to do that and we don't have that kind of money.  Matter of fact I don't have any extra money.  Till I get a job or sale some things we're living hand to mouth.  I just hate the fact that I can't do anything to protect my property from someone like them.  Yes they have a beautiful and well taken care of yard and house, but at who's expense.  They throw leaves, branches, dog pooh (no I don't have a dog or any animal) into my yard or gutter.  They have sprayed round up in my yard over my fence and on my vegetable garden. 
    OK OK I'm tired of whining.... so till next time

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