Autumn in williamsburg or watching the leaves change

Dear friends,
this is the view outside my window here at my sisters house in Kingsmill. I know this area is known for it's wonderful golf course and the privacy of a gated community, but this time of year the leaves are beautiful. The trees seem to change daily and with each degree the thermostat changes so does the color.
This view looks out over a neighboring house and down the lane. the view from everywhere else is just as lovely. Why go to the trouble or cost to go further when the view here is more lovely than any place I know. If you really want to see a sight of beautiful colors just drive down the colonial pkwy. the view is outstanding and the cost is relatively inexpensive. One tank of gas to drive up and back to the beach. Who knows, you may see a dear or two along the way.
So my pick for a wonderful weekend, if you don't have friends or family that live in Kingsmill come to Williamsburg and drive down the colonial pkwy...........

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