Spring is coming

Dear Diary,

Today is Manic Monday, it's only weeks till the first day of spring. This morning I walked around the yard and winched at all the work that has to be done. There's a lot of work to do to get ready for the spring plantings. There's a lot of plants to get started and lots of yard to clean. I'll need to buy a whole flat of bleach to clean all the pots and garden furniture.

So I decided that I would post some of my pictures of last years garden to keep me looking toward the ultimate prize. A yard that's both beautiful and bug free.

The first order of busieness is to clean the yard. Then I'm gonna need to get the following items that I have run out of............

  1. Bleach........ This is to clean all the furniture and pots that I use to plant my seeds

  2. Lemon dish detergent.....this I use in my front end feeder to spray on everything..bugs hate clean

  3. Epson salt... I have no idea why is works but it works wonders when planting seeds and new plants

  4. Beer..... not the lite kind. I use beer to stimulate my grass.... Yes my yard and gardens are alcholics and lean a little but my grandmother ford used beer on her grass and so do I ....

  5. Whiskey.....I use it for my roses

  6. Chewing tobacco.... it keeps bugs away from my roses

  7. Poroxide..... I put it in my water when I feed all my poted plants...have no clue why but GF used it so I do too...

That's the start of my list of garden suppies that I am gonna need to clean up this mess.

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