Computer broke, but I'm back

Dear diary,
It’s Friday and I know I haven’t been writing for a while. My computers been down and I haven’t been able to get in and get some work done. A lot of stuff has happened since my last post. We gained a new president, and first lady, and the world continues to move on. I heard about the babies and I cried a whole lot. So this post is gonna be very long and full of stuff. I’m sitting here looking out my kitchen window and anxiously waiting for spring to pay us a visit and change this nasty view to one of beauty and wonder.
I watched the inauguration of the new president and first lady. Like most of the country I was watching with batted breath to see all the historic events unfold. What the rest of the world saw and I saw was totally wonderful. We have a new president and first lady. While the rest of the world watched and was impressed with the first ladies gown, and suite that she wore to the swearing in. I have to admit I was more impressed with something that was so minute that I think I was the only person that saw it. Maybe being southern and a daddies girl it just struck me as the one thing that impressed me more than anything else. Michele Obama and Mrs. Bush were walking down the hall from the white house to get into their limousines’, Michele Obama put her hand on the lower part of Mrs. Bushes back and helped her thru the door down a couple of steps. I know that sounds trivial but it impressed me greatly. It was an act of kindness and respect that didn’t escape me for a second. It is thaw same way that my daddy holds me and my sisters and helps us thru a door when we are all dressed up and in very high heals. It said that she cares and it was such a small measure of kindness that it may have been missed by millions of people but for me it impressed me tremendously.
So there I wasn’t impressed with her choices of dress, or the bible that President Obama used, nor the color of Michele’s gown. I wasn’t impressed with the current president watching as the leaving ex- president left in the helicopter. I was impressed with a hand placed on the back of the exiting first lady by the new first lady. A small and meaningful gesture, that wasn’t missed by this southern women.
I have found a new web site that helps with problems that you and I may have with computer stuff. You have to log in and become a member but to me it’s well worth it. The site is manned by volunteers and doesn’t cost you anything. Bur for me that best part of this site is that for someone like me I can put in questions and get help from real people not someone trying to take my money. (Which we all know is non existent) the web address is I love this site and its very user friendly. Once again they don’t try to sell you anything and cost you nothing to become a member. Also I haven’t gotten any e-mails form them because you can remain anonymous.
So now that my computer is back up and running and I am back up and running I’m back…………………………………….

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