Cleaning stainless steele

Dear Friends,
I talked to Momma yesterday and she was telling me that she had to go get some cleaner for her new stainless steele appliances. when she told me how much it was gonna cost her for this special cleaner that the sales man told her she had to have to clean her new frig I had a cow.

Now we all know that I'm the cheepest person around, but come on special cleaner to clean stainless steele. I asked my Mom if she was gonna make sure he kissed her after. She didn't get it. She's a bigger blonde than I am some days.

All you need is a .50 bottle of Rubbing Alcohol. Yes, Rubbing Alcohol. Take a bottle of alcohol and pour some on a paper towel, then wipe down the stainless steele. That's it. Just rub down the stainless steele with the paper towel. It leaves no streaks and cleans everything real good. You don't even have to use paper towels. Me I use an old towel and another one to dry it if I need.

Try it and let me know if I am rigt. It cleans sinks too..........

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