Spring has sprung.....no yet but it's coming...time to start my raised beds.

I know I'm jumping the gun, but Spring is coming.  This hasn't been a very cold winter but still it's been winter.  So here in a couple of weeks it will be time to get the garden ready.  I am already planning on moving my raised bed away from my evil neighbor.  Every year she does something to it so this year I'm moving it away from the fence. 

So in preperation for my new beds I'm starting to build my foundation.  I laid down newspaper in the area where I'm going to be putting the new bed.  It kills the grass and any weeds that there and promotes worms to come to the area.  Over the 16 layers ( you don't have to use so many layers but at leat 3 layers) of newspapers I put layers of leafs and grass from last season on top to hold down the paper.  Then I watered it down.

This will prepare the area so that I won't have so much work prepareing the bed for spring....

So vegetable beds full of love,

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