Operation Paper Trail

     No I haven't decided to corner the market on toilet paper, but that's not a bad idea.  I am however collecting expired coupons and sending them overseas. 
    It all started about a month ago.  I was watching this show about couponing.  I have done some and knew that it would be well worth my time to try to save some money.  Well as I went through the coupons I found lots that had expired. ( go figure, I'm a S.H.E.)  I mentioned this to my DS who is stationed in Germany.  He told me that they could use coupons up to 6 months past the expiration date.  Of course this sent me into over drive, thinking I would never have to throw out a coupon ever again. 
     I talked to strangers, I've advertised on Craig's list, and even recruited my neighbors.  So far I have tons of coupons to send.  I hope my son and the other people in his unit can appreciate all the coupons their about to receive. 
     Just one more thing, DS said no old folks coupons.  Wonder what he means by that?  Could he be refering to my age? ....heheheh

     Manilla envelopes full of love......

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