Ashamed of being fat

Dear friend,
    well I did It  I went and jogged/walked around Mount Trashmore.  Again the too pretty women were back. I noticed that they hold there heads up really high with there push up bras and hair all done up.  they stick they're chest out and nose in the air.  They just yell at the world here I am look at me aren't I all that?
     On the contrast theirs' us.  You know the fat people.  Those of us that are ashamed of how big we've gotten.  We hide behind out hats.  We wear really big t-shirts to hide the rolls of fat either real or imagined.  we run and walk all closed in.  The worse thing that we do is when we see people coming toward us we divert our eyes and look at the ground. 
  I noticed it today when a very large man in a sweat top.  You know one of those tops that looks like it's made of aluminum foil that suppose to make you sweat more.  well anyway he was coming toward me and when he approached me instead of smiling or looking me in the eye's he looked up then lowered his head and looked at the ground. 
    I wondered if that was the same thing that I did or other people like me so I paid attention and noticed that I did it too.  Not to mention that almost every other larger person I saw lowered there eyes especially when there was one of those all too pretty people around. 
   So I gonna try to hold my head up and not be ashamed of being out there trying to get in shape.  I'm not the scum of the earth because I got fat.  I am a wonderful person no matter what those fancy smancy people think. 
  So here's to the fat people and just trying to make it through a world filled with skinny stuck up people....

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