The boys are back in town....... or boy does God not work wonders .............

Dear friends,
I know it's been a while. My computer is broke and the only way I can use a computer is to borrow one, but I wanted to let you all know what has happened with the babies.

As you all know I lost the battle for my grandsons not more than a year ago. Since that time it has gone from bad to worse. Joey almost died in the bath tub when his stepmonster left him and Eli alone in the bath. Joey had a seizure and Eli held his head out of the water till someone finally came and got him. What a brave little boy he was. Not just that but she has been physically and emotionally abusing them. When I get some time I will post all the details later.

I just wanted to let everyone know that the boys are back in town and safe for now.

On Wednesday my nephew had a doctors appointment I had decided on Tuesday evening that I would go home instead of going to the doctors office with my sister. I was tired and just wanted to go home. Matty however was not having a good day the whole day. He cried and held on to me all day. I couldn't put him down so I decided to go to the doctors office so I could help her.

The doctors visit went well without any incident. Once his office visit was over she decided to go straight home. I was thinking well I can still be home before 6:00. On the way back to her house she realized that she had forgotten to pick up her dogs medication. Literally we were just outside the gate a kingsmill. So she did a u-turn and we went and picked up the medication.

I was still watching my watch and decided I could still be home by 6:30. Once she had the medication she asked me if it was OK if we stoped and got some ice cream for us. I said OK not a problem. Still I was thinking that I could be home early.

Once back at her house I helped her get the baby in the house and got in the car to leave. I went out the gate and got into the right lane to go home. Knowing full well that I desperately needed gas. I told myself I could make it on just that little amount of gas, but at the last second turned left and went to the gas station.

I was on the phone with my daughter fussing about the situation with the boys. I filled up my gas tank and decided that I needed something to drink. When I started to walk into the convience store there was my ex-daughter in law. Danielle made me promise not to whip her ass. I promised after a few minutes of arguing.

I walked into the convience store and went to the right trying to avoid her at all costs. When I got almost to the end of the aisle there was Eli. He came running at me and hugged me. Sarah had just gotten back from picking them up from there father and stepmonster.

After several minutes of hugging him I went out to the car and there was Joey. Seems that she had stoped for what ever reason 50 miles from home at just that gas station to get gas on her way home. The same gas station I was procastinating at getting gas from. The same exit where my sister lived and where I start my journey every week to go home. Some times going home sometimes not.

If you ever doubt GOD remember this story...............The boys are back in town and I can finally have Christmas with them, I have kept my tree up since the day they were taken out of my house 2 Christmases ago and they are safe for now..........................

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