I hate squirrels.........how to keep them in check

Dear friends,
I hate squirrels, yep you heard me I hate squirrels. They’re big pains in the ass. They eat your plants and all your bird seed. So I thought I’d tell you a few things to do to get rid of or control these beasts. Yes you heard me beasts.
This morning I went out to my garden and there they were eating my most prized garden plants. My roses, my beautiful roses that are just starting to get some life to them. So I decided that I would start early getting them to leave me and my garden alone.

First thing that I did was break out my skin so soft. You see they’re always eating my bird seed. I have several Sheppard’s hooks that have little dishes for my bird friends to eat. The squirrels are always climbing up the pole and eating the seed. So I went to my bathroom and got my handy dandy bottle of all purpose skin so soft. Yep you heard me skin so soft. You get it from Avon. I have a whole bunch that I got years ago. Then I took it and poured it down all the Sheppard’s hooks and poles and wires that hold my bird feeders.

Let me tell you what a laugh a minute. I love watching those squirrels trying to get to my bird seed. They go running up and jump on the poles; only to slide right down the pole again. They don’t give up they keep trying to get to the bird seed. The grandbabies and I could watch for hours, still those squirrels continue to do the same thing, over and over again. Run to the pole jump on and slide down. I use skin so soft because it doesn’t get gummy like kitchen oil or other oils that I have tried. Still if all you have is kitchen oil that will do too. You can use anything to keep them from getting any kind of traction.

Once I stopped laughing at the squirrels I took some moth balls and put them in all my flower pots. The smell keeps the squirrels away and they don’t eat my precious potted plants. Be very careful though it’s toxic if ingested. I use moth balls anywhere I don’t want animals to go or feed on my plants. I have warned the people who have dogs to keep the animals out of my garden that the moth balls will hurt them. Funny it doesn’t work the same with cats.

Oh well for now I’m being entertained by the squirrels inability to get to my bird seed.

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