Staying the course for cheap gas ……….gasoline @ $2.58 per gallon

This evening we went to get gas for the van. DH took Eli and me to the store with him to get gas in the van. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Gas prices at the station on the corner of Indian River road & Centerville Turnpike are $2.58 per gallon. Yeap you heard it $2.58 a gallon. It took us only $50 to fill up the van’s gas tank as apposed to the usual $100.

I did hear the news say that OPEC had called an emergency meeting to address the falling gas prices. We aren’t using as much oil and we’re starting to look into other sources for fuel. They’re starting to worry about the fact that one of the biggest consumers of their oil isn’t using as much. OPEC needs us to fund their life style and make sure they keep getting richer, while we keep getting poorer.

So if we want to keep the price of gas down. Start getting our economy under control and keep OPEC out of our pockets. Then we need to do everything we can to continue to cut back on our consumption of gasoline. OPEC after all doesn’t care about us, just our gold.

OPEC has no other export and cannot even produce there own wheat or corn. Most of their land is desert and they have very little agriculture. What they do have is limited to small areas where there’s little water to use on crops. Most of the corn and wheat they consume is imported.

So my point to all this is. We’re being held hostage by OPEC, yet we have an over abundance of renewable resources. We have agriculture in this country. We can grow our own food. We don’t import most of our grain. So why does OPEC have us hostage.
So instead of grumbling and complaining we need to cut back. Continue to seek alternative sources for fuel and keep looking for the cheapest way threw all of this

This new sub category is going to be cheapest gas prices and I’ll post the cheapest gas prices that I find. DH drives a truck and sees the different prices all day and if I see or hear it cheaper any place I’ll post it…………

Just sign me looking to cut a dime………………….

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