How to freecycle…………. or getting something for nothing

Some people say I’m cheep. Others think I’m thrifty. I’ll tell you the truth I’m tight.
I’m so tight I squeak when I walk. So of course my favorite way to get something is free. Imagine my excitement when I found a place that I could shop all day and not spend a penny. Yes you heard it, shop all day, get lots of stuff and never spend a penny.
I found a web group for recycling where people give things away and you don’t have to pay anything for it. Yes it’ll cost you in gas and if you get lots of things you’ll have to plan your day to burn the least amount of gas. Still free and you can get rid of things you don’t want too……………

The group is frecycle on yahoo
Click to join virginiabeachfreecycle

Click to join virginiabeachfreecycle

Here is step by step insructions to get something for nothing.

First step……… is to register with the free-cycle site. They’ll ask for your zip code to make sure that you live in the city where you’re trying to free cycle. Then you’ll wait to be approved. You have to choose a form of e-mail notification other wise you can’t be a member. This is a small price to pay to be able to shop for free.

Step two…… choosing your e-mail settings. The best choice for your email setting is instant notification. This will give you an instant email of the item being offered. If it’s a highly coveted item you want to be the first to reply.

Step three…… Replying. As soon as you see the item you want e-mail right then and there. It’s not the best, most needed, or any other factors that determines who gets the item. It’s the first person to reply. Like life it’s the early bird that gets the worm. Be quick with your response and advice the poster of the exact time you’ll be picking up the item. You don’t need to ask a lot of questions. It’s free for goodness sack. If it’s not exactly what you want you can always re-free cycle it and let someone else have it. It’s rude and may not get you the item because the poster may feel you are too picky.

Step four………picking up. Once you’ve gotten the item you’ll need to pick it up. Be sure to e-mail the poster that you’re on the way. This gives them a heads up. Some posters will leave the item on the front porch or curb with your name on it. Others want to meet the person that’s picking it up. I personally like to meet the person who’s both posting and picking up. I have the grandchildren at home and look forward to a little adult interaction. If the poster leaves it on the porch or sidewalk leave the area clean when you pick up the item.

Step five………..acknowledgement. Once you’ve picked up the item. Send a thank-you e-mail to the poster. It only takes a minute and will show much you appreciate them giving it to you. It’s also good manners and in a day and age when no one seems to have them it’s appreciated.

Just sign me cheep and loving it..................................

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Anonymous said...

I love to get something for nothing too....thank-you for the insight